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It is the mission of Rocky Mountain Massage to provide chronic pain  management, stress reduction, and an overall sense of well being.

Massage is much more than a day at the spa. Massage therapy is a relaxing medicinal treatment, beneficial to your health which:

        - Reduces Back Pain
        - Enhances Immunity
        - Improves Joint Health
        - Relieves Migraines
        - Lowers Blood Pressure
        - Increases Energy
        - Improves Sleep
        - Improves Concentration
        - Stimulates motor skills
        - And Much, Much More...

Whether it's Swedish, Therapeutic, Raindrop Therapy, Neck & Back, Sports, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Hot Golf Ball, Pre/Postnatal, Lymphatic Drain or Infant Massage.  A Rocky Mountain Massage will leave you relaxed and smiling not just out of the door but well into the week.

At Rocky Mountain Massage, every massage is a custom session tailored and dedicated to what your body needs. Our staff is skilled in multiple modalities so as to provide the best possible treatment using a wide range of knowledge and techniques. Excluding Hot Golf Ball and Raindrop Therapy, this is why we do not charge for the type of massage you receive, but the duration of your session.

Rocky Mountain Massage combines traditional therapy and medical expertise to deliver a longer-lasting, soothing and targeted massage.

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